We specialize in the assembly and installation of Flat-pack Kitchens.​ We'll even remove the old one and prep the area to ensure your new unit is installed perfectly. 

Looking to upgrade your kitchen? Need help with the planning or how to get started? We can help!

Has your flat-pack Kitchen units or cabinetry got you down? Tired of trying to read instructions that make no sense? We can help!

Our team can remove your old kitchen units, dispose of all the rubbish, and prep the area to make way for the new Kitchen.


We can then assemble your flat-pack on or offsite* depending on size and available space and install the new kitchen to your requirements.

Got other projects around the house that need finishing? We can offer a wide range of handyman/carpentry work to suit your needs.

From new fencing, garage framing, and even custom furniture to water blasting and general maintenance. 

To talk to one of our team or to arrange an estimate* for your project head over to our Contact page and see how WE can help YOU take the stress out of DIY.